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SIT-STANDSitting for more than 2 hours at a time is not good for you. Numerous studies point to a direct correlation between sitting for extended periods and the increased risk of multiple serious health issues. We now know that sedentary behavior (SB) increases risk of developing dangerous body fat, alters metabolism, causes higher blood pressure, increases the risk of heart attacks and increases the risk of diabetes and some forms of cancer.

sit-standOn the other hand, standing for long periods is not good for you either. Standing for long periods is bad for your health because of the strain on the lower limbs. Problems include aching muscles, hazardous pressure on hip, knee and ankle joints, and damaged feet. The symptoms people usually experience are lower limb swelling, tiredness and discomfort. Medical professionals also link standing to varicose veins and a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). With CVI, veins cannot send enough blood to the heart.

sit vs stand

The answer – Flexibility. Height adjustable tables, usually called Sit-Stand Desks, give the user the ability to easily move from a sitting position to a standing position and back again, upon demand, creating a healthy solution that can be accomplished without interrupting productive concentration and workflow.