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About Us

Ergo Workspace Inc. 

For more than 35 years, the founder of Ergo Workspace Inc. lead major design and development projects, set up production facilities and piloted start up management of entire divisions for one of the top 10 office furniture manufacturers in North America.

Experts in ergonomic design solutions that combat our sedentary lifestyle, Ergo Workspace Inc. (updowndesks.com) is passionate about the importance of quality electric height adjustable tables and sit-stand desks that serve the health and productivity needs of individuals – especially those who use computers extensively.

Motivated to make these solutions affordable for home office, gamers, small business owners and school classrooms, Ergo Workspace Inc. has aligned itself with proven, established North American OEM’s to provide quality, adjustable height desks and ergonomic accessories at affordable prices and to back them up with a reputation of professional integrity and expertise.

updowndesksOur Philosophy: 
Ergo Workspace Inc. is dedicated to providing comprehensive information and resources, as well as quality products so buyers can make informed decisions leading to healthier and more productive ergonomic workspace solutions. 

Ergo Workspace Inc. continually strives to provide quality products that are:

          • Ergonomically Sound 
          • Economically Viable 
          • North American Made.