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Ergonomics: Happier, Healthier & More Productive Employees

The Key to Happier, Healthier & More Productive Employees: Good Ergonomics

As a Boss, we all want to be known as “caring” when it comes to our employee’s work life, don't we? I'm betting this is the case if you've clicked on this article. You're already moving in that direction by having in interest in creating a workplace that helps your employees lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. Your employees are integral to your business, so why put off improving their workspace when it's a huge return on investment for you? Having a staff who is in good health, more energized and more productive should be a goal that all industry leaders strive for. So, let's take a look at some practical ways you can improve the well-being and performance in your workplace.


Do you have an idea of whether or not your employees are comfortable at their desk? Time spent rubbing all the aches and pains from having a chair, desk and environment that aren't comfortable enough to work in is time lost working on projects.

Encourage your employees to wear shoes they find supportive while at their desk, especially if you've already invested in a sit-stand desk solution – no one wants to stand in uncomfortable heels all day.

Try printing out some material that shows them what a proper chair fit should feel like and listen to their feedback about their current workspace, they shouldn't feel like they are alone in creating better a workspace.



 Laptops were initially intended to for brief, occasional use but as time went on, we began using them as our main computers more. Many are familiar with the literal pain in the neck that comes with using laptops for extended periods of time. With the fixed design of a laptop, if the keyboard is in optimal position then the laptop screen isn't and vice versa. Most will slouch in their chair to see the display – and use medication for their aching shoulders and neck. Is this a great long-term solution? Definitely not.

 Most, however, don't know that there is a remedy to the back and neck pain that laptop use can cause. With a bit of laptop ergonomics knowledge and some office accessories, you can easily fit a laptop into a comfortable work environment. 

  • As mentioned earlier in this post, a comfortable, well-fitting chair is needed. Supportive arm rests, proper height and good lumbar support is key to a good chair.
  • Use external devices like a separate keyboard and mouse. There are rather inexpensive and should be considered mandatory if your laptop is your main work computer.
  • Many desks are too high to comfortably type for extended periods. The standard desk height is best suited to a person who is 6 feet tall! Elevate your chair and use a footrest. Or, if you have an adjustable height desk, lower it to a comfortable keying height. (Use our ergonomic assessment tool to find the best desk height for you.)
  • Adjust your posture frequently. Do a stretch, stand up while you work. No one posture regardless of comfort and support is good for extended periods without moving.
  • In tandem with your wireless keyboard and mouse, you should also incorporate a laptop stand so the top of the screen is at eye level and a proper distance away (20” – 28”).



Speaking of adjusting your posture. Did you know that the risk of death within 15 years increases by more than 40% for those who sit for longer than 6 hours a day? This should spur us on in creating a better place to work for ourselves and our employees.

Incorporating something as simple as 2 hours of standing in your work life can help you and your employees burn 296 calories! Standing also has the benefits of:

  • Increasing heart rate.
  • Decreasing blood glucose levels.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Toning muscles.
  • Improving posture.
  • Increasing energy.
  • Increasing comfort.


Encouraging healthy changes in the office can have a significant impact on the mood people have at work and not only that, they'll be able to perform at the level you know they can if they're comfortable, healthy and feel you care about their well-being.

Good ergonomics is the key to a happier, healthier and more productive workspace

We're not just making this up, a study in the U.S. Showed that 67% of workers wished their employers would supply sit-stand desk solutions and 87% of employees said they consider office health and wellness offerings when choosing and employer. The health of your office is well worth considering if you want to see your employees happy.

If you're interested adding adjustable standing desks to your office, browse our collection.

What ways will you begin incorporating a healthier lifestyle at work?

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