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Laptop Ergonomics - What You Need To Know

"Ergonomics" don't apply to me - I use a laptop" Think again!

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Definition of Ergonomics

“The purpose of ergonomics in the workplace is to create a better match between the worker, the work they perform and the environment they use.  A good match increases worker productivity and reduces ergonomic injuries.” California State Compensation Insurance Board 

Doctors, researchers and ergonomists are constantly telling us that proper positioning is so important when using our computers. When keying, they tell us our shoulders should be relaxed and our upper arms hanging naturally at our sides. Our elbows should be bent at a 90 degree to 120-degree angle and our wrists should be at a neutral position. They say that when viewing the monitor, the top of the screen should be level with our eyes and approximately at arm's length away.

With good reason, laptop users say "That's great for desktop users with separate keyboards and monitors. But it doesn't apply to me. I use a laptop". When we get our laptop down low enough so that the keys are at the right height, the screen is so low and so close that we really have to slouch, and if we get our laptop up so the top of the screen is level with our eyes and at the recommended arm's length, the keyboard is way too high and too far away.


Laptops don't need to be restrictive

Let's talk about laptop ergonomics. In one of our previous posts, we discussed 6 Tips for Using Your Laptop In Comfort to demonstrate this point. Understand that while the design of a laptop violates the basic ergonomic requirements, it's not unattainable to create an ergonomically sound workspace with one if you're willing to make the necessary adjustments.

Laptop Ergonomics Tips for laptop users

Simply by incorporating a wireless keyboard and an adjustable Laptop Stand, the laptop can easily become part of our ergonomic environment. The keyboard can now be positioned at the proper keying height while the screen of the laptop can be placed at the right distance and viewing angle.

If your laptop is your main work computer, you'll want to get additional support by making sure you have a desk that is the right height for you (check out our ergonomic assessment tool) and learn about ergonomic seating.

However, even by incorporating all these accessories and support into your office space - you'll still need to get moving more frequently. As we like to say here, "It's not the sitting or the standing but the extended periods that are harmful.".  Adjusting your posture throughout your workday and alternating between sitting and standing is essential to your workplace well-being.

Get started with Laptop Ergonomics

Who says there's no such thing as laptop ergonomics? The SLTS01 Laptop Support has a lot going for it. (1) It's cheaper than a Monitor Arm, (2) It has five adjustment angles, (3) It's compact and easily portable and can usually fit into a Laptop bag and (4) with four extra USB ports, it provides extra USB capacity. No power adapters required.

For more information on the SLTS01 Laptop Support click here.

We hope this information helps you to be more comfortable and supported at your laptop and that it inspires you to make the correct adjustments throughout the day.

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