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We're All Going to Die – Sit-Stand Desks or Not

But why speed up the process?

It’s been confirmed, Sit-Stand Desks or not, there is a 100% chance that we’re all going to die at some point. 

We're All Going to Die- Sit-Stand Desks or Not

Knowing what we now know, why are we willing to accept speeding up the process while we dither along on our (broadening) behinds?

Why is our natural inclination to try to debunk all of the various research that repeatedly points to the fact that sitting for prolonged periods puts us at a much greater risk of poor health and is potentially shaving years off our lives?

Unfortunately, people look to other people to solve their problems. “…unless organizations provide practical tools to combat prolonged sitting, nothing will change. No amount of educational material, articles, or tip sheets will offset the harmful effects of sitting unless environments are reoriented around movement and corporate cultures align themselves with health." 1 so says Rajiv Kumar, M.D., President Virgin Pulse, Chief Medical Officer Virgin Pulse Institute and founder of ShapeUp.

The definition of an “organization” is “an organized body of people with a particular purpose”. Regardless of whether the organization is large or small, it’s still “people”. Whether you are one person working from home or you work in a huge office, you are the person that is ultimately responsible for your own health and wellbeing.

"People" are banding together. Awareness is growing. This Friday, April 29 is “On Your Feet” awareness day in America, Canada and Great Britain.

Get America Standing On Your Feet 2016

Cheap Solutions Cost More in the Long Run

It’s been said “Cheap solutions cost more in the long run.” Nowhere is this more true than in finding the best solution for overcoming the effects of prolonged sitting.

Three Examples of Cheap Solutions to Prolonged Sitting

...where the real costs show up in lost productivity and increased stress.

1. Cheap Solution  – “Go for a walk”

“Experts agree that you can offset this growing sedentary scourge by getting up and moving around for a few minutes every hour, or even better, every 30 minutes.  Then do it again after another 30 to 60 minutes. Avoid spending big chunks of time sitting.”2

Just get up and walk away from what you’re doing every 30 – 60 minutes and then try to get back into the flow of what you were working on. That’s crazy. It can take up to 20 minutes to become fully reengaged.  Then there is the stress of making up for the downtime that goes beyond the walk interval.

2. Cheap Solution  – “Instead of sending an email go talk to the person”

Right, go for a walk and interrupt someone else. One of the advantages of email is that you still do have a choice of when you are going to read and respond.

3. Cheap Solution  – “Have walking meetings”

Conference rooms and boardrooms exist so individuals can meet and share ideas verbally without negatively impacting others. So now we 3 or 6 (or more) individuals are to walk throughout the office and bother everyone – or do we remove the conference table and do laps?

A Better Way

90% of Scandinavians have sit-stand desks. In North America the percentage has doubled since 2014 – from 1% to 2%. Electric, Height Adjustable Work Stations (EHAWS) or Sit-Stand Desks are a reasonable and cost effective solution. They enable the user to alternately sit and stand throughout the day without negatively impacting their concentration and work flow - or that of others.


Essential Height Adjustable Standing DeskAt updowndesks.com we have a great selection of excellent quality EHAWS – Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks, Monitor Arms and other Ergonomic Accessories to get you moving toward better productivity and a healthier future.






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