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Computer Desks are like Baseball Gloves?

The Major League Baseball regular season is about to begin. Have you ever wondered why first basemen don't wear a catcher's mitt or the rest of the infield don't use first basemen's trappers? If you love baseball like I do and can't wait for the games to begin, then to you, this may seem like a silly question.

Appropriate Equipment

A catcher needs a well padded catcher's mitt for extra protection when catching a 98 mile an hour fastball (or a 85 mile an hour fastball for that matter - personal side note). How Computer Desks are like Baseball GlovesA first baseman needs to be able to scoop a poorly thrown ball out of the dirt to get the out. The rest of the infield need the be able to catch the ball and get it out of their glove quickly so they can make the throw to complete the play, while the outfielders need as big a glove as possible when tracking down fly balls - just ask Kevin Pillar.

The point is this, we need equipment that is appropriately suited to the task. Just like all baseball gloves assist players in catching a baseball but not all are suited to each player's particular position, all computer desks support computer monitors and keyboards and assist the user when sitting in front of a computer, but not all are suited to the individuals or the tasks they perform.  Many are well designed, quality products. But are these computer desks designed to address the health and well-being, as well as the productivity issues, encountered during the many hours of using the computer? It's a long season and attention to using the proper equipment will make the difference between a dismal season and a pennant winner.

Ergonomics” means more than proper support and fit.

Our sedentary lifestyle has prompted serious interest in ergonomic computer desks and accessories that do more than support and fit an individual to their task and equipment. In the case of office computer functions, furniture needs to allow the individual the ability to move and the option to alternately sit or stand while performing their tasks.

Interest in height adjustable computer desks as an important ergonomic solution is escalating due to the increased awareness of the perils of sedentary activity coupled with the fact that the cost of these computer desks has dropped considerably, making them more affordable and, therefore, easier to justify for widespread application.

In addition to their ability to easily raise from a sitting position to a standing position and back again, height adjustable computer desks have the added element of being able to be lowered to a comfortable keying position, improving upon the benefit of height adjustable keyboard trays and desk top converters, by keeping everything else on the desk within reach and by saving the cost of the added component. 


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