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Pros and Cons of Sit Stand Desks

This is the fourth of a four part series: IMPORTANT FACTORS when considering investing in a height adjustable option. You can read Part 1, 2 & 3 here.

In today’s office, indications are that “there will come a time when a sedentary seated working environment will be deemed completely unhealthy. The thing that people need to remember is that it’s not an on-trend product that we’ve just suddenly developed to address a gap in the market.” 1

In the previous 3 installments we’ve discussed the pros and cons of Ergonomic Seating, Desktop Converters (Desktop Risers) and Height Adjustable Keyboard Trays, all of which have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to addressing the unique requirements of individuals who are strapped to computers for extended periods – in other words, most of us.

Finally – let’s consider “Sit Stand Desks”

Cons of Sit-Stand Desks

  • “Sit Stand Desks are expensive compared to other options.”
  • “Sit Stand Desks must be difficult to assemble.”
  • “What do I do with my existing desk?”

Pros of Sit-Stand Desks

“Sit Stand Desks are expensive compared to other options.”

You’ve heard the age old sayings “You get what you pay for.” – “Penny wise and pound foolish” – “Cheapest is seldom best value” – “Good value for your money”  How about this one – “It’s an investment rather than an expense – it will pay dividends in the long run”. All apply when it comes to a good quality sit stand desk.

Sit-Stand Comic


“Sit Stand Desks must be difficult to assemble.” 

In a RTA (Ready To Assemble) world, assembling a sit stand desk is simple. The instructions come in each box along with all the necessary parts and hardware.

“What do I do with my existing desk or work surface?” 

Why not incorporate some of it into your new sit stand desk? Buy just the base and reuse your top. If you have a laminate or veneer work surface or desk top, it will usually function very well on any of our bases. Just remember the screws that are included with the updowndesks base are for minimum 1” thick tops. If you are attaching a thinner top, be careful to use appropriate length screws.

So as not to repeat what has been already been covered in my previous blogs, I invite you to visit these particular past installments:

Sit-Stand Desks: What You Should Know

Sitting is not the New Smoking

sit stand standing deskElectric Height Adjustable Work Surfaces (EHAWS) or sit stand desks provide the ability to easily transition from a sitting to standing posture and, in addition, enable the user to lower the entire surface to a comfortable keying height while keeping everything else close at hand. 
Keeping objects within a closer range of motion where the user’s joints do not have to deviate far from neutral posture is a great way to improve ergonomics.Traditionally, people adjusted to their work space. That’s no longer valid. Tomorrow’s work space will adjust to its people.

Definition of Ergonomics

“The purpose of ergonomics in the workplace is to create a better match (fit) between the worker, the work they perform and the environment they use.  A good match increases worker productivity and reduces ergonomic injuries.” California State Compensation Insurance Board

This post concludes our 4 part series “IMPORTANT FACTORS to consider when investing in a “sit-stand” option”. We hope you have found this information helpful in your search for the healthiest ergonomic solutions for you! We welcome your comments or questions.


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