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The Perils of Sedentary Activity

“Sitting is the new smoking” – The perils of sedentary activity for extended periods of time is hitting home to computer users and employers alike. Many research studies point to a direct correlation between sitting for extended periods and the increased risk of multiple serious health issues including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


Employers are discovering significant costs associated with sedentary behaviour. One study estimated that the least active employees are less productive by about three hours per week. (3hr out of a typical 35hr workweek = 8.6% loss in productivity). This, when coupled with on-premise absenteeism (employees are present but not at their desks due to the need to “take a break – go for a “two minute walk”), is an all-too-common workplace culture that employers would be wise to understand.

infographic sitting effects productivity
Sitting decreases productivity in the workplace.

These issues have prompted more serious interest in ergonomic furniture and accessories that do more than support and fit an individual to their task and equipment but, in the case of office computer functions, allows the individual the option to alternately sit or stand while performing their tasks.

The Solution to Sedentary Activity?

Interest in Sit-Stand Desks as an important ergonomic solution is escalating due to the increased awareness of the perils of sedentary activity. The cost of these tables has also dropped considerably, making them more affordable and, therefore, more easily translatable to widespread application.

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