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3 Facts That Impact Your Adjustable Height Workspace Choices

1. Tomorrow’s workspace will adjust to its people

Outside of our recognized need for ergonomically designed task seating, our understanding of adjustable height office environments has been either very limited or largely ignored.

Traditionally, we’ve adjusted to our workspace without giving thought to the potential long-term impact it has on our personal health.

Aesthetics/space/communication/technology/degree of privacy & interaction/sound & lighting, (did I mention aesthetics) have, historically, been the driving force behind “good” office design. As good, and I might add necessary, as all of this is, the need to consider our personal physical well-being has been almost totally neglected – until very recently.

Budgets weigh heavily as the driving force behind design decisions. Initial cost is often the deciding component. However, few of us stop to consider the real cost. When we add the cost of the facility (leasing or financing), utilities and upkeep, plus the cost of employees including benefits over a 10-year life

span, our actual office furniture cost of acquisition becomes less than 2%! Now, new research indicates that our workplace furniture could do more than just “house” us. The correct adjustable height solutions could actually “boost our productivity”. 1

2. A chair must fit the sitter

It starts here. Proper ergonomically designed seating is critical.

Ergonomic Seating The chair height range is also crucial. We all need to have our feet flat on the floor.In addition to ergonomic design, size matters. One size cannot fit all. To provide proper support, the width of the seat pan and the distance between the arm rests are vital factors. Some of us require a short seat pan, while others need it to be deep. The width of the back and the location of the lumbar support are crucial.

3. Trendy adjustable height workstations are moving towards commonplace

By now, most people have heard the argument that adjustable height (sit to stand) workstations are good for the body.  Many research studies point to a direct correlation between sitting for extended periods and the increased risk of multiple serious health issues including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. They indicate that sit to stand workstations or EHAWS (Electric Height Adjustable Workstations) can help burn more calories and fight obesity.

Sitting Risks Infographic

Standing can even help improve students' attention and cognitive functioning. Now, new research indicates that they may boost productivity in adults as well. "We believe that decreases in body discomfort may account for some of the productivity differences …" Garrett said. "However, standing desks (adjustable height) may have an impact on cognitive performance, which is the focus of some of our research going forward." 1

1 Source Texas A&M University https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/05/160525220539.htm

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