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Sit to Stand Infographic

For whom and for what reason are we designing our offices? Is it for the health, well-being and productivity of those who work there, or is it for the North American Aesthetics Police?

Good News – In the last four years in North America, the number of knowledge workers who use height adjustable (sit stand) desks has doubled.

Bad News – That means we have gone from 1% to 2%! (In Scandinavia 80% of knowledge workers regularly use sit stand desks.)1

“The expectation of varying working positions throughout the day is so widespread across Scandinavia that over 80 percent of Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian office workers already use sit stand workstations, and offering employees a height adjustable work station is now mandatory in Denmark.”1

1 http://workplaceinsight.net/overcoming-the-objections-to-sit-stand-workstations/

This may help make it graphically clear…

Sitting vs. Standing Infographic

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